Leadership and Management

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Crèche Guidance 2018


2020 Data Analysis - Good Practice in the Early Years in Schools

EYFS progress prompts for tracking 2020

Funded two year olds

2021 - Entitlement for Two Year Olds: What does high quality look like?

Information on two year old entitlement for providers

Audit - quality provision for two year olds (2021)

Inclusive Practice

Choosing resources

Principles that underpin anti-discriminatory education

Leadership and Management

Business, financial and legal aspects of running and managing early years and childcare settings

Characteristics of group

Continuous provision mind maps

EYFS action plan - generic template (2021)

EYFS learning journey scrutiny for schools (2020)

EYFS learning journey scrutiny for settings (2020)

EYFS observation free flow

Governor monitoring of Early Years Foundation Stage

Groups overview - schools (2020)

Groups overview - settings (2020)

Guidance and templates for developing EYFS action plan 2021-22

Lesson observation template

Lesson observation template - reception (2020)

Links with other settings children attend (2021)

Monitoring - behaviour walk

Monitoring - environment

Monitoring - environment checklist

Monitoring - inclusive, quality-first teaching

Monitoring - learning journeys

Monitoring - learning walk

Observation - adult-led session - whole class (2020)

Observation of staff practice - child-led learning (2020)

Observation of teaching (adult-led group):settings (2020)

Possible interview questions for EYFS leader/coordinator

Post-training impact sheet (2021)

Sample EYFS Coordinator job description

Staff meeting agenda and minutes template

Staff support plan

Supervision meeting record (June 2019)

Vulnerable groups grid - overview of support

Vulnerable groups simple grid - portrait (2021)

Vulnerable group interventions

Vulnerable groups Venn diagram 

Vulnerable groups Venn diagram 2019


How to contact Ofsted and where to find frequently used forms and documents

New Ofsted grade descriptors (Good and Outstanding) - settings (from Sept 2019)

Ofsted definition of teaching - evaluation of practice

Ofsted grade descriptors - Early Years in schools (2020)

Poster for parents

Teaching definition poster (2021)


Early Years Educator (level 3) qualification criteria

Early Years teachers' standards

Transition/School Readiness

Early Years transition pack 2019

OCC school readiness booklet