Children's Learning and Development

Children at water tray








Areas of Learning:

Early Language

Communication-friendly environment audit

High-quality interactions poster

Supporting early language - booklet

Top 100 Nursery Rhymes and why they are important

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design - being imaginitive audit

Expressive arts and design - using media and materials audit

Reception - music planning example


Early Years maths audit 2019

Everyday mathematical language in the EYFS

Maths from a story

Maths vocabulary

Maths - reception and year 1 planning and links to NRICH

Numbers and Patterns audit

Reception - maths targets

Reception - maths weekly plan

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Letters and Sounds -progression of skills phase 1 (2020)

Phase 1-5 phonics assessment booklet

Phase 2 phonics grid

Phase 3 phonics grid

Phonics lesson observation (2020)

Phonics tracking through phases

Phonics weekly plan 2018

Planning for phase 1 phonics

Physical Development

Movement Play

Physical development audit


Guided reading proforma - example 1

Guided reading proforma - example 2

Guided reading proforma - example 3

Reading 30-50 assessment checklist

Reading 40-60 assessment checklist

Reading record example

Shared and guided reading plan 2018

Understanding the World

ICT at home questionnaire for ELG (updated May 2019)

Tips for technology with 3-5 year olds


Annotation sheet for early writing - fiction

Annotation sheet for early writing - non-fiction

Developmental stages of writing

Understanding key elements of narrative writing

Writing toolkits


English as an additional language (EAL) 

EAL observational assessment of stages of learning English

EAL reflective audit

Identifying Children who are Learning English As An Additional Language(EAL) and who may also have Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LDD)

Stages of language acquisition for EAL children

Supporting children with EAL

EAL policy - settings 2019

Guidance for Early Years practitioners on supporting children learning English as an additional language

Pupil Premium and Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Ideas for the effective use of EYPP funding

Impact of EYPP funding template - nursery

Impact of Pupil Premium funding template - reception

Pupil premium policy

Equality and Diversity 

Equality Act 2010 - guidance


Development Matters

Early Years Transition pack

EYFS for parents

EYFS home visit policy

EYFS progress check at age two

Good learner posters

Home visits - information for parents

Intervention impact example

OCC school readiness booklet

Observation, assessment and planning (OAP)

Activity focus verses teaching focus

Adult-focus planning example

Are you listening to me?

Continuous provision planning proforma - example

Development Matters – 30-50 Months in Polish

Learning journey scrutiny for settings

Number - 30-50 assessment checklist

Number - 40-60 assessment checklist

Number assessments - term 4

OAP booklet and templates 2019

Outdoor focus planning template

Outdoor provision planning template

Parents - all about me - 0-11 months

Parents - all about me - 16-26 months

Parents - all about me - 22-36 months

Parents - all about me - 30-50 months

Parents - all about me - 40-60+ months

Reading, Writing, Physical assessment

Reception - medium-term plan

Reception - fine motor intervention plan - example 1

Reception - fine motor intervention plan - example 2

Shape, Space, Measure assessment - term 4


101 outside play ideas

EYFS Play Audit - Malleable Play/Sensory/Investigation

Treasure Trove - 101 simple small group activities for 3 to 5 year olds


SEN support for providers

Early Years SEN toolkit

The local offer for SEN and Disability (SEND)